Forum rules, forum regels in het Engels.


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Forum rules

It is important to read this through to prevent problems afterwards.

The registration is completely free and can be terminated by the member himself without giving any reason.

this Forum is very tolerant but here too rules are needed to keep it all cozy and to protect people.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of religion, race, or sexual affiliation, (straight, transgender, gay, lesbian, bi, etc)

we generally work here with a 3-pass system.
Depending on the situation, you will be warned twice and the 3rd time you can still read the site, but do not write anything anymore or you will be banned.
exceptional cases are possible, depends a bit on the way things happen.

* It is very important on this forum that you enter your gender and age (year) truthfully.
Whoever lies with wrong intentions about gender or age is banned.
(There is always room in your profile to clarify why you have entered things differently than true.)

* Private data, It is NOT allowed to mention private data in your profile, telephone numbers, recognizable own photos or those of other members with a face on it or a Facebook account etc!

* Anyone who uses insulting words will be warned the first 2 times and will then be banned.

* Anyone who uses racist words will be warned the first 2 times and will then be banned.

* Who shows pornographic material in places where young people can reach,
first get a warning and then the account will be stopped or you will be banned.
pornographic profile photos are therefore also not allowed.

* Duplicate accounts are deleted. If you are both male and female
create an account or with 2 very different ages you will most likely be banned.
in case you are a couple please report it to the moderators or the management so that we know about it.

* It is not the intention to send members private emails, and certainly not to stalk once a member is new with contact requests! if you want contact, here is the chat room for and / or the contact ads section.

* Friendship requests, the word says it all ... is meant for people you know well / better and not to send randomly to everyone.

* It is not allowed to sell your own products through the forum, you can go to for this

How do we prefer to see the topics:

* Clear topic titles, are highly appreciated and also yields many more responses.
* Decent language, so no unnecessary abbreviations, no SMS language, typing errors are not
strict considering that it is reasonable to good to read. (so reread your topic before your actual post)
* Pay attention to duplicate topics, this means first check if a topic has already been started in the same one
scope. If yes, complete this .......
* Photos / Images must be placed in the gallery.


each member is responsible for the content he / she contributes.

The site manager and / or the moderators are therefore the previous rule,
not liable for the content submitted by the members themselves.
they are, however, authorized to intervene in case of violation of the rules and are offensive,
remove racist text and / or pornographic images.

Here too it is not allowed to share private data and / or to share your own recognizable photos

private conversations must first be requested in the main chat to the person with whom you want to go private, no reaction or a no means so do not!

For questions, ideas, complaints or problems you can always mail to

The Site Administrator (s) (DL_Michel) DL25
and Moderators (Max79, Els, LBV, Subje, Marcel26)

Wish you a lot of pleasure.

AB-DL-TB Club team