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Be happy, whatever you are
[size=18pt][size=24pt][size=24pt][size=18pt]Be gentle, it's my first story, and my english is not that good ( I'm
from the Netherlands ). THE WHOLE STORY IS A SLOW STARTER.

Part 1
I saw her the first time at my work, an indoor Sporthall.
I take care of the daily business, show the sporters the dressingroom, clean a little bit, answer questions from our guests.

She came a few months ago for the first time, looking for a Badmintonclub. Since then I see her twice a week for a couple of hours.
She looks very good, long blonde hair, long, wellshaped legs, and a little overweight, but thats very fine with me.
I like some extra weight at some places.

She has a twinkle in her eyes, and a smile you would die for.
From the beginning we had a chat once in a while, before or after her play. We had some laughs and some good conservation.
When I noticed her looking at my bum the first time,
I turned red, because I'm a DL, and was afraid she has seen the bulge from my diaper .

You see, I'm from a generation where this stuff is considered bizar, perverted.
Thank god nowadays it is more accepted than in the old days.
Still I wasn't sure how she would react if she knew.

Then one day it happened.

She walked in my direction, and when we were next to each other, she patted my bum!
I didn't know how to respond, so I froze.
I saw her smiling, thinking. She didn't say anything, and went to play badminton.
Unfortunately I didn't see her afterwards.

It was late, around 00.00, before I could go home.
It was a lovely summer-evening, and when I walked to my car, I saw a note under the windscreenwiper.

My heartbeat went through the roof, because I was afraid she would hold my secret against me.
I don't have that much positive experience with trust, so I thought : now i'm f...ed

With shaking hands I took the note, and went to sit in my car.
After some mental preparing, I opened the enveloppe.
First I noticed a "Hell, this smells extremely good"- smell coming from the note.
She had a very nice looking handwriting.

I started to read:

Hi there,
you now probably know who I am.
I was sporting tonight, and we saw each other while I was entering.
Some time ago I noticed something on you, and since tonight
I know what it is.

You have a little secret.

Probably you are now scared to death, but please don't.
I'm very interested in your secret, and I hope you have at least that much trust in me to come to my place for a cup of coffee.

I know you finish work at 21.00 on thursday.
If you like, come to my place, adres below, and we have a nice chitchat about it.
Surprise me,

I was excited, and terrified. Should I ? Would I ? Dare I ?
It was monday, so I had two days to think about it.
On one side I wanted nothing else than to go to her place.
On the other side I have so much negative experiences with trust that I didn't want to go at all.

But then again, I have never met somebody with the same interest, so maybe this was a Golden Chance. Difficult.

Luckily the next days I was busy at work, not too much time to think.
But everytime I thought of her, I got one adrenalinerush after the other.
So when thursday arrived I made a quick decision.
Coffee at her place it was !!


Part 2

The day went on and on, minute after minute, hour after hour. I couldn’t wait till evening”, but I had to.
Finally it was 21.00, and all work was done. Now for the frightening & exciting part!
I already found her adres, and with trembling knees I walked through the village, ‘till I found the right street. While walking, I noticed all my thoughts of “I’m scared” disappeared, and were replaced by thoughts of euforia and wanting her. I stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, and went to number xx. After another deep breath, I rang the bell. No turning back now!

Her story:

What a nice surprise!
I met this nice guy, and found out he has a secret. I allready began to like him, he was soft, sweet, has good manners, he was educated, not on a high level, but has developped an interest in many things.

He didn’t know me, except for the small talk, but I knew allready he was in for a surprise. What he didn’t know was that I am a witch. My mother was a witch also, and because I was the only child, she taught me everything she knew.
I soon found out that it was not easy for me to find a nice guy. As soon as they found out I was a witch, they got scared. They had a feeling they were minor to me, that they didn’t wear “the trousers” in our relationship. So I stumbled from one relationship to the next, never finding the right guy.

At the same time I developped feelings for women also. I allways was attracted to the real “girly stuff”. Girls mostly are softer, have nicer curves, have so many ways of dressing, provocative, sexy, strict, soft, business and so on.
After 2 bad dates, I didn’t want to meet somebody for a long time, I just hadn’t much luck in Love.

And now I found him!! Would he have the nervs to come?

I imagined lots of things the last days. What kind of guy he woukld be, how I would dress him, how I hoped he had a submissive touch, how it could be if he was the right one.
The note she wrote to him was a good start. She put a few drops of a special potion on the envelope. This potion made him want her more and more. The more he smelled it, the more addicted he would become.

Her friend at Victorias, Sascha, who worked in ladieswear, had taught her many times about the art of dressing to thrill and the lessons had paid off today. She wore a black satin pencil skirt just below the knee that accentuated her legs and calves while distracting from the plumpness of a middle aged figure. The skirt seemed to go on forever and each time she walked, it appeared her thighs, encased in black nylons, would burst through the tight confines of the material. Four inch high heels, black and immaculately polished and gleaming in the bedroom lights, lifted her physique and appearance while she had chosen a pink satin blouse with high collar and bow fastening at the front, to finish the outfit.
It was a classic style but more importantly, she knew, if her suspicions were right, the materials would drive him mad. The skirt had a taffeta lining and she also had pulled on a black full slip, made also of rayon taffeta, to add a further rustle to her movement.

Cindy minced around the bedroom, coyly smoothing her satin skirt at the front,.
Each step was a deafening roar of satin and silk on taffeta and nylon. And Cindy knew it. That hissing swish of nylons moving in a restricted skirt was electrifying, I hope he likes it.
And then the doorbell rang.
Her heartbeat went from 80 to 180. She started to smile, and, after a last check, she went to the door. One last look in the mirror, and then she opened the door.


Part 3

“Please, don’t let this go wrong. “ That was my last thought before the door opened.

Cindy was half standing behind the door and had a big smile on her face.

“Welcome”, she said, ”come in”.

I smiled, and said “Thank you”.

She closed the door, and now I saw her in all her glory. She could see on my face that I was impressed.

“Like it?” she said. “You look absolutely gorgeous”, I said. Cindy only thought: “1 – 0 for me”.

She took my hand, and we walked into the livingroom.

“Take a seat”, she said, ”do you like something to drink, coffee maybe”?
“No coffee, please, maybe you have some soda? When I drink coffee at this time of day, I have to go to the toilet a few times at night.”

Cindy thought again: ”He doesn’t ask for a beer, and he has a bladder which needs attention now and then: 3 – 0.”

She went to the kitchen, and took a glass and a bottle of soda. Unseen to him she put a few drops from a vial into the soda. She went back into the livingroom, only to see him put down a hanky, which was on the table. Unknown to him, she had, before he came, put a few drops potion on the hanky. He already smelled this potion, and in combination with the soda, it was almost a guarantee to get hooked.
He saw er comming back, and she noticed him looking at her legs. “4 – 0,” she thought. “If this was a footballmatch, I would win this game by 10 – 0.”


Part 4

I was sitting on a two-seat-couch. Next to it there was a small table, and next to this table there was a one-seater in an angle to the table, on which she took a seat. She put one leg over the other, looked at me and took a sip of her wine, while I took a few nips of my soda. I couldn’t help looking at her nicely shaped legs. Hoping she wouldn’t notice, I took some more sips.

“Is there something wrong about my legs?” she asked.
Like a child with it’s hand in de cookiejar I felt caught.

“Why?” I said.
“Because you keep looking at my legs, and I was wondering why.” she said.

“It is very difficult not to look, they look great.”
“Well, thanks. Are you a leg - man?”
“Amongst other things, I’m a leg – man indeed.”

“What else you like? I thought I could see and feel something you like the other day I was sporting.”

I emptied the glass of soda. I then was silent for a minute, thinking what to tell, how to tell. I begun to feel comfortable with her, to really like her, so I decided to open up.

“I’m very openminded, so I like lots of things. Some I really like, some I want to try. What you saw the other day was right, I was wearing a diaper indeed.” So, I said it out loud.

“I thought so,” she said, “don’t be shy about it, I like them too.”
“Do you wear them also?” I asked, a little flabbergasted.

“Sometimes I like to wear them, but not so often. I prefer to put somebody else in diapers.”
“You do?”

“Couldn’t you tell by the way I reacted?”
“I was afraid you were laughing because you might think I am not a grown-up, or worse, that I was incontinent or so.”

“Do you need them, or do you just want them. What do you like about diapers?”

“It started with a leakage every now and then. When I laugh or sneeze, I spill some drops. First I tried some pads, but that doesn’t work for me. So I tried the thinnest diaper I could find. I begun to like them, and got interested in thicker diapers. How would it feel? I tried some different thickness, and from that moment I was hooked. I like how snug they fit, how protected I felt, and I could loose some drops without thinking about it. If I wanted to, I could even pee in it. So I tried this also, and was amazed how this felt. How good it feels, a wet, warm diaper. I also like the idea to, sometimes, don’t think about the daily worries, and to be a little one for a while.”

“Which little one are you, girl or boy?”

Oops, now was the moment I feared, but also the moment things could change for the good.
“I’m a boy……….. but sometimes I wish I could be a little girl.”

“I was hoping you would.”
“You are?” i said, amazed.

“But of course, I like little girls in diapers, to spoil them, dress them. Are you wearing diaper now?” she asked.
“Yes, i do.”
“Show them.”

So I stood up, turned around, and pulled my pants a little down, so she could see. More and more I got the feeling I could tell her everything. I really begun to like her. She was nice, warm, open minded, and acted normal about something I was a little depressed about, because I never felt completely comfortable with it.
She stood up and said: “Unzip your pants, and pull them down a bit.”

I did this with trembling hands. She sensed this, took my hands, and said, with a warm, but sultry voice:”Don’t be afraid. you are in good hands here.”
She gave a little pat on my bum, and checked my diaper.

“Mmmm, a bit thin, this diaper, and quite dry. Why?”
“Because I’m visiting somebody for the first time of course. I don’t want anything to leak.”

“I don’t mind if you leak. It’s very simple, if you leak, I can change your diaper, if you like.”

I thought : Halleluja, this is going faster and better than I could imagine.

She thought: I probably don’t need my potion, he is hooked already.

But just to be sure she took the hanky, stood before me and held it against my face.

“Smell,” she said.” Her other hand took my hand, and put it around her waist.It was so nice to feel the satin swish. I felt something hard under her blouse. Was it a corset, a girdle? Mmmm…………….

The hanky smelled so nice, I didn’t want her to stop. I got such a warm feeling inside.
Was I falling in love?

My head was spinning, everything felt so nice, I was afraid I would wake up soon!!
She took my arm, which was around her waist, and pushed it behind my back, together with the other arm. I thought I noticed her saying something, but I couldn’t hear anything. Was probably my shaken mind who was fooling me.

She said: “Don’t move your arms.”

I tried to but couldn’t! What was happening? I started to panic a little.
She noticed this. “Don’t be afraid, I pulled a little spell on you. You do everything I tell you to. Come.”

Spell? What is this? She returned to the couch, and I followed. There was nothing I could do!

She sat down, again one leg over the other.

“Sit right here, in front of me.”
Before I knew it I kneeled down on the ground, where I had this lovely view of her legs.

“I think you like your place at my feet, don’t you?” I just nodded.
I couldn’t think straight anymore. It was like waking up in paradise, and being afraid it is still a dream. I didn’t know her that well, but my feelings said she was everything I could ever wish. She liked the same things as I, she was so warm and friendly, but also I noticed a dominant streak in her.

“Look at my legs, and I tell you my story.”

She put her feet next to my legs, one on rhe right, one on the left. I could only see her calves and pumps. “Oh, those lovely pumps, right next to me.” He heard some rustle while she turned to a comfortable position.

“Maybe you don’t believe me, but I’m a Witch. My mom was a Witch also, and she taught me a lot of things. The spell I did cast on you is an example of what I can do. Also I am very sensitive, so up untill now I was right about you. You know, being a little girl, a bit submissive. leg – man, my clothing. And that’s why I did put this spell on you. I think you like it here, don’t you?”

I could only nod. She mumbled again, her mouth moves, but I hear nothing.

“Take my right foot.” I carefully took her foot, encased in nylon and leather.

“Kiss it.” I kissed the toe of her pump very lightly.

“I said KISS IT.” Oops, I was too carefully, so I kissed her pump with more gusto. She pointed her heel towards my lips, so I kissed her heel also.

“Suck it.” I was getting excited beyond believe. The things she said, how she said it, what she makes me do………

While I was sucking on her heel, she continued her story.

“Look, here is the deal. I like a lot of things. and there are things I don’t like, Also I want to try some things. and there are things I don’t wanna try. I suppose it’s the same with you. Let me tell you what I want to do with you and to you. Afterwards you tell me. The rest follows step by step. Okay?”


Part 5

“By the way,” she said,” how much time do you have? In other words, when do you have to work again this week?”

“Friday is my last evening-shift, and then I have a week off untill next Saturday 9.00.” I said.

“Oh, this fits perfectly. Do you have much plans next week?”
“Monday I have an important appointment, and for the rest nothing urgent. I can move some minor appointments if needed.”

“So you are off this weekend?” “I am.” I said.

“Do you want to stay here tonight? Then you can go to work tomorrow from here, and after work come to my place again.”

She noticed my face was one big questionmark.
“Don’t feel afraid. I’m starting to really like you, and I want to spend some more time with you to get to know you better. ”

“This is going fast, “ I said, “I would love to spend the night, but I am alone for some years, so I’m a bit rusty. Also, at least I have to feed my 2 cats tomorrow before mid day. This also counts for the weekend.”

“So you have to go home in between being here? Mmmm, this opens some naughty possibilities,” she said with a big smile. I slowly got an idea where this is heading, and was excited about it.

“Shall we get ready for some sleep? But I warn you, you will stay here under my conditions. Okay?”
“I would love to.”

“Let’s go then.”

She took my hand, and we went to the stairs. She walked in front of me, so I could take a good look at her curves. I loved her curves…. She also walked graciously. It seems she has walked on high heels her whole life. And then her sexy clothes…….

While going upstairs, I looked around. “She has a nice taste,” I thought. Very feminine, pastel-colours, a few things on the wall, not too much. It was a nice place to be.

Upstairs she showed me the shower, and took some towels for me.
“Come to my room when you’re ready. End of the hall, last door.”

I undressed, pulled of my diaper, and put it on a small table.
I took a very hot shower, let my thoughts roam around, and started to feel really well. What a nice woman she is. I’m a bit introvert, and she gave me such a good feeling from the beginning, that I felt very comfortable. This doesn’t happen often, so I decided to trust her, and be myself.

At that time I didn’t know she used potion in my drink and the hankey, and that this did help me to feel comfortable.

Thinking about the evening till now, and what she said about the next days, my little guy became painfully erect. Should I, or should I not……

Then my eye fell on the hamper in the corner. I looked into it, and noticed lots of hose, and lots of frilly, satiny things. I took a black pantyhose, and put my arms in it. Then I found a deep blue panty, and held it against my nose. Oh, she smelt lovely!. Her own smell mixed with her parfume made me start rubbing, and within no time I shot almost against the ceiling.

Then I noticed her standing in de dooropening!

I turned red like a lobster. She looked gorgeous. Black stockings, the same pumps, a satin panty, and a black longline girdle, which only just kept her nice breasts under control. She also had satin operagloves on her hands. Her long blonde hair was in a tight ponytail.

“I was wondering already what took you so long. You’ve been very naughty, and will be punished for this: 10 spankings foor the hose, another 10 for my panty, 10 for playing with yourself, and because you took so long another 10. So, how much spanking awaits you?”

“I believe 40.”

“Another 10 then, because you don’t seem to know how to adres me proper.”
“Sorry Mistress.” I said.

“Let’s make some rules before we go further.”

1. “You don’t touch yourself, except when I tell you to. Because I can’t trust your hands for now, you mostly will be restrained in the near future.”
2. “You keep away from my clothes, except when I tell you to.
When we decide to meet more often, you will have your own wardrobe”
3. “When I give an order, you do it as soon as possible.”
4. “In the evening I’m your Mistress, in the day I will be your Mommy.”
5. “You will wear and do everything I tell you to wear.”
“With these rules we will start, but there will be more to follow. Any questions?”

“No, Mistress.”
“Good. Follow me.”

While leaving the bathroom, she took my “old” diaper, and brought it along to the bedroom.

I followed her into her bedroom. She had a lovely bedroom. Mostly pink, some white, some red. Her bed was big, with a post on each corner, and a white satin roof. Also I noticed pink satin bedsheets and white satin pillows. A pink & white dressingtable with a mirror stood against one wall. On the other wall there was a second door. Another room, a Walk-in-closet?

While entering her bedroom, I immediately noticed some clothes on the bed. Also I noticed pink-leather cuffs on each corner of the bed. In front of the bed I noticed a plastic sheet on the floor.

I was still naked, with another erection.

“My, my, you are very excitable, aren’t you?”
“Sorry Mistress, but I can’t help it.”

“Of course you can’t. It’s my job to look after it, not yours. For now I’’ll allow it, but in the future I decide what to do with your little guy. So, to whom belongs your little guy?”
“To you, Mistress.”

“Good. ”

She sat down on the bed, told me to come over, and lay down on her lap.
This was weird. For me it was the first time ever to receive a spanking, even none as a child. Now I’m grown up ( kind of ), and this beautyful woman wants to spank me!

So I carefully lay down on her lap. She opened her legs a bit, so my little guy was trapped between her nyloned legs. Heaven!

She started spanking me, one blow, then a little butt-rubbing, then another blow, and so on. She was counting herself. It did hurt more than I could’ve imagined. She immediately spanked hard, from the first to the last, so my butt was deep red.
“Well, that wasn’t so hard?”

At that moment I shot again, onto her legs. She was rubbing her legs on my little guy while spanking, and that was too much for me. At the same time I was fighting some starting tears, but managed to keep dry eyes. I’ve never experienced pain and joy at the same time.

She didn’t mention my orgasm, but took some lotion, and, very softly, rubbed my butt with it. It cooled immediately, which was very nice.
“Well then, are you now ready for a peaceful night?”

“I don’t know, Mistress. My senses are in overload.”

“That was my purpose, little one. By the way, how do you call yourself when you are En-femme or a baby?”
“I like Sascha very much, Mistress.”

“I love it, Sascha. One of my best friends also is called Sascha. She works at Victorias. Maybe one day we can shop there, they have lovely lingerie, dresses, shoes. So from now on you are Sascha.”

“I’ll help you with getting some sleep, Sascha. Oh, I like your name already. Put on the clothes on the bed, while I pick something up in the other room.”

She went to the other door in the bedroom, and while she opened it, I noticed big amounts of dresses, shoes, and also a shelf full with little bottles. But she closed the door immediately after her, so I looked onto the bed for my clothes.
It was, first of all my “old” diaper, and a new one, almost twice as big as mine. I first put on my own diaper, and before the next item, she was back already. She put a little vial on her bedside-table, and took the new diaper.

“You will sleep tonight in diapers, because you won’t go to the toilet tonight. Tomorrow-morning I expect the diaper to be full.”

She told me to lie down, and put the new diaper on top of my own diaper. Wow, that was a lot of diaper! After I stood up, I couldn’t get my legs together, so thick it was.

“Now take the plastic pants, and put them over your diaper.”
They were bright-orange, with legpipes to the knee. It had lots of little white rabbits all over it.

“Now, put on the deep-pink tights.” They were 80 den., my favorites. It was a “big-enough-for-me-size”. After this she gave me a shiny light-pink leotard, with long arms, a high neck, and a tiny, very cute kind of chiffon-skirt on top, one layer only. Also my size. Next came a very soft slipdress, till the ankle.

“Why do you have all clothes in my size, Mistress Cindy?”

“Because I’m a witch. I can change their size when I want to. I can do a lot more, like using you as a piece of clothing, but that will be for the future, not now.”
She took a scarf, big and satin, deep-red, and used it as a blindfold. It went to under my nose. I heard some shuffeling, and then she said: ”Open up.”

I opened my mouth, and felt something very soft and very wet being inserted.

“This is the panty I was wearing tonight. You can probably feel how wet they are, and you are the reason. I’ve never met anyone like you, and I have a good feeling about you.”

I was having the same thoughts, I never experienced anything like this. I could cry from joy.

She took another scarf, rolled it up, and put it in my mouth, very tight. Over this came another one, from chin to over the nose. I could only smell and taste my Mistress, nothing else. And I was supposed to sleep like this?

She gently took my hands and went to one side of the bed. She gently lowered me down. I was lying on my back now. I felt something soft being pulled over both my legs. They could move, it was a kind of bag, but no walking tonight for me! Then I felt a scarf(?) getting tied to my legs. There was a little pull on my legs untill they were stretched. Then there was some fiddling, and suddenly I couldn’t move my legs.

Tied tight!

My hands got the same treatment. My arms went in a kind of bag, like my legs. Then I felt a hood being stretched over my head. I immediately knew it was a stocking. That made sense!

She did one leg of a stocking in the other, and pulled it over my legs. My arms went into one leg of another stocking, while my head disappeared into the other leg.

It was the first time I experienced “Encasement.” ( today was indeed a day of many new experiences), and I was hooked! What a feeling, tight but also loose, every inch of my body felt some nylon. Amazing.

My arms were tied to the railing on the head of the bed. I could move a little, not much.

I felt some movement on my right side. She climbed into the bed, and I noticed she had left her clothes on. For me? Suddenly the scarfs in my mouth were loosened a bit, and then there were some drops of a liquid in my mouth. They tasted good. The scarfs got back in place, the light went out, and she moved untill she was very close to me. Her legs rubbed against mine, and her right arm went over me, and lay still on my diaper.

“I gave you a few drops of a sleeping-potion, so you should get some sleep tonight. But I can’t guarantee I will, so maybe I will use you tonight.” I “heard” her smiling and having fun.

“The alarm goes around 10.00. Okay with you?” I could only nod.

“Then sleep very well, little one, and dream about me.”
I knew for sure I would……….


More parts to follow, story starts slowly.

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Prima verhaal, prima Engels ook, I'm already curious abouw how it'll continue! Keep up the good work! !1

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Good story i'm curious what's going to happen next. And your English is not bad don't be so hard on yourself. Keep up the good work !1

Goed verhaal ik ben benieuwd wat er nu gaat gebeuren. En je Engels is helemaal niet slecht je hoeft niet zo hard voor jezelf te zijn. Ga zo door! !1